Beautiful wood-plastic composite toilet door

Beautiful composite wood plastic toilet door - Naviwood 45mm thick, 100% water resistant

Upgrade the class of your bathroom space with Naviwood composite wood plastic toilet door 45mm thick, 100% water-resistant.

Why should you choose Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet door?

  • Absolutely 100% waterproof: Manufactured from wood pulp and high-quality composite plastic, Naviwood doors possess perfect water resistance, do not warp, termite or shrink in the wet environment of the bathroom.
Plastic wooden toilet door
  • Outstanding durability: Naviwood doors have a monolithic 45mm thickness, providing high durability, good bearing capacity and long life.
  • Luxurious aesthetic: Naviwood doors possess delicate natural wood grain and diverse colors, contributing to enhancing the beauty of your bathroom space.
Waterproof toilet door
  • Safe for health: Naviwood doors are manufactured from safe materials, do not contain toxic chemicals, ensuring the health of users.
  • Easy to clean: Naviwood door surface is smooth and easy to clean, helping you save time and effort on cleaning.
beautiful bathroom door
  • Effective sound insulation: Naviwood doors help prevent noise effectively, creating quiet and privacy for the bathroom space.

Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet door - Perfect choice for your home!

Outstanding features of Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet doors:

  • Thickness: 45mm solid
  • Material: Wood plastic composite (WPC)
  • Water resistance: 100%
  • Size: Diverse, meets all needs
  • Color: Natural wood grain, diverse colors
  • Accessories: 304 stainless steel hinges, high-quality handle lock
  • Warranty: 5 years
Beautiful composite wood-plastic toilet door

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Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet door - Upgrade class, complete comfort!

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