The most beautiful and luxurious soundproofed hotel door in Vung Tau

Naviwood is the leading supplier of beautiful and luxurious soundproof hotel doors and bathroom doors in Vung Tau.

Vung Tau hotel door

Naviwood is the leading composite wood-plastic door factory in Vietnam. Naviwood composite plastic wooden doors are always highly appreciated by customers for their quality, design and color with many outstanding advantages such as: 45mm thick door, 100% water resistant, no fire, no termites, no warping, no Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.

Composite plastic wood door structure

Material: Imported composite plastic wood.

Door thickness: 45mm, more luxurious, more durable, better soundproofing

Door types: hotel doors and bathroom doors

Characteristics: 100% water resistant, non-flammable, termite-free, soundproof, good heat insulation.

Color: wood grain

Door size: hotel room door is 900mm wide and 2200mm high. The toilet door is 800mm wide and 2200mm high.

Door accessories include: hotel room door smart door lock, hydraulic door closer, magic eye, door stopper, toilet door partition lock.

Beautiful hotel in Vung Tau

Door lock: hotel door lock makes the management and operation process more convenient and easier.

Cua goua composite vuong tau

Naviwood composite wood and plastic hotel doors delivered in Vung Tau.

Naviwood composite wood and plastic door factory always meets schedule and provides genuine warranty.

Naviwood composite wooden doors withstand marine climate very well.

In addition, Naviwood is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of hotel doors and bathroom doors in the South Central, Central Highlands, Southeast and Western provinces.

Genuine composite plastic wooden doors

Genuine composite plastic wood doors always have protective packaging with the manufacturer's logo printed on them.

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