Beautiful Luxurious Bedroom Door - Enhance Your Relaxation Space

Beautiful Luxurious Bedroom Door - Enhance Your Relaxation Space

You are looking for a beautiful and luxurious bedroom door for your home in Tan Binh District, City. HCMC ? Come to Naviwood, we specialize in providing high-quality composite wood-plastic doors with modern, luxurious designs, ensuring safety and giving you a good night's sleep.

Beautiful Luxurious Bedroom Door

Why should you choose Naviwood bedroom doors?

  • High-quality materials: Naviwood composite wooden doors are manufactured from advanced materials, highly durable, water-resistant, anti-warping, anti-termite, ensuring safety for users' health.
  • Luxurious design: Naviwood doors have a variety of designs, styles, and colors, suitable for all interior styles from modern to classic.
  • Good sound insulation: Naviwood doors help block noise effectively, giving you a quiet space to relax.
  • Safety: Naviwood doors are equipped with safety latches, ensuring security for your home.
  • Reasonable price: Naviwood is committed to providing products with competitive prices, suitable for all customer needs.

Wood plastic composite door NW104

Naviwood composite wood door with 45mm thickness is the perfect choice for your bedroom with outstanding advantages:

  • 45mm thickness: Thick doors help increase sound insulation, protect security and provide a feeling of solidity when used.
  • Modern design: The door has a luxurious, sophisticated design, suitable for any interior space.
  • Natural wood grain surface: Naviwood doors are covered with high-quality grain wood grain, bringing natural beauty and luxury to the bedroom space.
  • Good fire resistance: Naviwood doors are fire resistant for up to 60 minutes, ensuring safety for you and your family in case of fire.

Naviwood NW05 plastic wooden door

Naviwood - Enhance your living space

With a team of professional, enthusiastic staff and attentive customer service, Naviwood is committed to bringing you absolute satisfaction.

Contact Naviwood immediately for free consultation and best quote:

  • Hotline: 0977 70 73 78
  • Website:
  • Address: 25 Street 1, Binh Hung Hoa, Tan Binh Industrial Park, City. HCM

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