Naviwood Composite Wooden Plastic Door: Luxurious Class for Your Home

Are you looking for a beautiful, durable and soundproof door for your home?

Naviwood composite wooden doors are the perfect choice for you!

Naviwood is a leading reputable brand in the field of manufacturing and supplying composite wood-plastic doors in Vietnam. With a team of experienced staff and modern production lines, Naviwood always brings customers the highest quality products.

Wood plastic composite door NW105

Naviwood composite plastic wooden doors are made from high-quality composite materials, resistant to water, termites, warping, and shrinkage. The door has a thickness of 45mm, helping to effectively insulate sound and heat, giving you a quiet and comfortable living space.

Naviwood composite wooden doors have diverse and rich designs, suitable for all architectural styles. You can choose a door model that suits your preferences and needs.

Below are some outstanding advantages of Naviwood composite wood plastic doors:

  • Waterproof, termite resistant, warping and shrinking
  • Effective soundproofing and heat insulation
  • Diverse and rich designs
  • High durability, long service life
  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • Good price

Naviwood is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and attentive customer service.

Please contact Naviwood today for free consultation and quote!

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0399656939 - 0977 795 782
  • Email:

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