How to choose outdoor plastic wood flooring should not be overlooked

Outdoor plastic wood flooring not only brings high usage value and aesthetics, but also helps investors save maximum costs on purchasing and installation.

What is outdoor plastic wood flooring?

Outdoor plastic wood, also known as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), is a specialized material used for flooring, wall cladding, ceiling cladding, and exterior decoration. This is a material whose main ingredients are wood pulp and PE plastic along with some other additives.

Because it is an artificial product, plastic wood floors can be created in many different colors, depending on consumer preferences. In which red yellow, light gray, dark gray are commonly used colors.

Outstanding advantages of outdoor plastic wood flooring

Outdoor plastic wood floors are usually resistant to UV rays in sunlight, so even if exposed to direct sunlight, the color and quality of the floor will not change. In particular, it is not susceptible to termites like natural wood, so it ensures the quality and safety of the project.

composite wood plastic flooring

The floor surface is stain-resistant and does not generate mold, so cleaning is easy and quick, without wasting much time and money when cleaning on a large surface area. In addition, the lifespan of outdoor plastic wood flooring can be up to 50 years if used and maintained properly.

Experience in choosing outdoor plastic wood flooring

Choose wooden flooring suitable for the installation space: Depending on the installation space, we can choose suitable outdoor plastic wood flooring, making the space beautiful and durable.

composite wood flooring

For example, for projects such as swimming pools, terraces, boat decks, and low-load walkways, choosing wide plastic wooden floor bars will help you save costs. As for areas such as gardens, wharfs, corridors, and places that are subject to heavy loads, choosing solid plastic wood flooring will be a long-term flooring solution, avoiding punctures and breakages.

Choosing outdoor floor accessories: Because they are installed outdoors, floor accessories also play an equally important role, to ensure the safety and longevity of the floor.

san go

For the skeleton system, you should choose plastic wooden beams because they can withstand the effects of the weather. If you choose a steel frame, you need to make sure the area is dry or well-drained. For humid environments, you should make a stainless steel frame system as it is safest.


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