Price quote for soundproof bedroom doors in Can Tho

Below is a guide on how to choose and buy the most standard and beautiful composite wood-plastic bedroom door in Can Tho for your reference.

Instructions for choosing and buying beautiful composite wood-plastic bedroom doors in Can Tho

Plastic wooden door Composite is popular and widely used in the world and in Vietnam. To choose a beautiful composite wood-plastic bedroom door that is suitable for feng shui, you first need to determine the thickness of the door frame to build it correctly. Avoid designing doors that require costly repairs after construction.

Beautiful composite wood plastic bedroom door in Phu Quoc

The bedroom door is beautiful and luxurious

Choose the size of composite wood and plastic bedroom door according to feng shui in Can Tho:

Choosing the appropriate bedroom door size not only brings comfort but also brings wealth and luck to the homeowner. In addition, homeowners can also rely on the hole ruler to measure the appropriate bedroom door size for themselves.

You should choose a bedroom door of reasonable size to avoid a door that is too small, causing inconvenience, but also should not be too large, causing it to take up space when opening and closing the door.

- Lu Ban standard clearance size (air leak size) of this type of door is 810mm (horizontal) x 2150mm (height) with the following displacement:

Width 810mm (allowable range is 805mm to 818mm).

Height 2150mm (allowable range is 2145mm to 2160mm).

When building a waiting box to install a door according to feng shui, you must take into account the allowable clearance for installing the door. Usually the allowable clearance for door installation is 5-10mm.

* Feng shui door width is 810mm, door cover size is 895mm, then build a waiting box of 900mm

* The door is 2150mm high, the door cover is 2195mm and the waiting box is 2200mm.

Bedroom door size calculation table according to feng shui

Door size calculation table according to feng shui standards.

Feng shui taboo: you should not choose a bedroom door with an arc shape (arched door) because in feng shui, an arc-shaped door resembles a tombstone. This does not bring luck and fortune to the living, so you should not design the door in this shape.

Beautiful composite wood plastic bedroom door in Phu Quoc

Choose bedroom door by color:

Door color: You should choose new color models according to new trends to avoid being outdated. Choose the same color as the interior to make the space elegant and luxurious.

In addition, you can choose the bedroom door and the color of the composite wood plastic bedroom door according to gender, for example girl's bedroom door, boy's bedroom door, parents' bedroom door...

Origin of production materials

Raw materials for producing composite wood-plastic doors: Door material is an important criterion to evaluate the quality of the door set. With good materials, the durability of the door will be good.

Imported composite wood plastic door blanks and domestic composite plastic wooden door blanks

Wood plastic composite door material has a smooth, bright surface with outstanding quality.

Thickness of door:

The thicker the door, the better the soundproofing ability. When holding and opening and closing the door, it will feel more solid and durable.

Naviwood composite wood bedroom door is 45mm thick

The 45mm thick door is more durable, more luxurious, and better soundproofed.

Reputable supplier:

You should choose a professional manufacturer or officially authorized dealer of famous brands that have been on the market for a long time. Reputable manufacturers have been certified to have high quality and reputable products with modern industrial-scale factory systems and widespread distribution systems.

Naviwood composite wood bedroom door is 45mm thick

Genuine composite wood-plastic bedroom doors always have a protective label printed with the manufacturer's logo.

Reputable manufacturers always produce high quality products, have clear labels and have many good policies and incentive programs as well as warranties for customers.

Price quote for wooden and plastic bedroom doors in Can Tho

Price of 1 set of plastic wooden doors includes = Price of door set + accessories

* Door set includes: 45mm thick monolithic door + door frame + thread brace

* Door accessories include: 3 304 stainless steel hinges + door lock

Depending on the door model, the door price will vary: If the door has glass panels, the price of the glass panel will be added. If the door model has a neoclassical embossed molding, add the embossed molding price.

Naviwood composite wood bedroom doors sell well in Phu Quoc

The composite wood-plastic bedroom door model sells well in Phu Quoc.

Where to buy composite wood and plastic bedroom doors in Can Tho:

To buy a beautiful standard composite wood-plastic bedroom door in accordance with feng shui at a reasonable price, customers should refer to the content of the article carefully. Check product quality before purchasing.

NAVI WOOD Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in manufacturing composite wood-plastic bedroom doors and is the leading supplier of composite wood-plastic bedroom doors in Can Tho. Officially imported ingredients from famous brands. Naviwood composite wood-plastic door products are used for hotel doors, bedroom doors, hospital doors, and office doors.

Plastic wooden bedroom doors in Phu Quoc are 100% water-resistant and resistant to sea weather

Naviwood Company is ready to provide catalogs, door samples and door designs with feng shui standards completely free of charge to customers in Can Tho.

To buy beautiful feng shui plastic composite wood bedroom doors in Can Tho, please contact Official authorized Naviwood composite wood door dealer or direct phone/ Zalo: 0399 656 939 or 0977.70.73.78 for free consultation.

Hope you choose a suitable door model for your family. If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment below.

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