4 taboos in window feng shui, know as soon as possible

Door Windows are considered the eyes of the house and are an important part of ventilation and lighting. In other words, if the position and direction of the window are not suitable, it will negatively affect the family's fortune and health.

The window does not face the door

Windows should not face the main door. Illustrative photo: Internet

The window does not face the stairs

Stairs are an important way to go up and down floors. According to home feng shui, stairs are the way up and down for fortune and luck in the family's career.

A window facing the stairs will create a "bad breath" condition. If there is such a pattern in the family, it can easily hinder luck in terms of wealth and career. If the distance between the stairs and the window is too close, a "energy conflict" will form, affecting the health and fortune of the whole family.

Windows facing the stairs are not good for the homeowner's fortune. Illustrative photo: Internet

The window does not face the kitchen

The kitchen is a place of cooking, where a lot of greasy smoke is produced. This type of smoke is relatively dirty. If the kitchen is opposite the window, it will cause "straight exhaust fumes".

The final consequence is that wealth is hindered and the health of family members is affected. Furthermore, the smell of grease in the kitchen makes people feel uncomfortable, affects everyone's mood and mental state, and is not beneficial for family harmony.

Windows should not face the kitchen. Illustrative photo: Internet

The window does not face the bathroom

The bathroom is the wettest and dirtiest functional area in the house because cleaning, washing and bathing are all done here. In this case, it is easy to create mold, bacteria, viruses and odors. If the window is opposite the bathroom, these bad, dirty air will enter the room. In feng shui, this is called "bad air rushing straight", negatively affecting the family's fortune and health.

The window does not face the bathroom. Illustrative photo: Internet

In addition to the above 4 feng shui taboos, when installing windows, people also need to pay attention to a few more things. For example, the windows should not be too large as this will cause the air in the room to circulate too quickly. This is not good for the family's fortune and is not beneficial for heat preservation. Also, do not place a window opposite the stove, otherwise the airflow will affect the fire in the stove.

* Information is for contemplation and reference purposes only

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